Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

Your records are replicated to multiple data centers around the United States providing multi-redundancy and protection. No single natural disaster can destroy your records due to the geographic dispersion of ArchivaLock's servers. In the event of a disaster, you will still be able to access your records.

Geographic Dispersion and Data Redundancy

Disaster recovery and business continuity are common strategies employed in corporations around the world. However, vendors serving state and local government entities have been slow to employ these best practices offered from years of enterprise knowledge. ArchivaLock has changed this.

ArchivaLock provides data redundancy in 3 geographically dispersed locations around the continental United States. Your records are automatically replicated immediately upon import. Geographic dispersion ensures that no one natural disaster can destroy both the electronic and original instances of the records. As well, the quantity of redundant records ensures that not even an electronic disaster can destroy all of your online records.


Data Visibility

In addition, when viewing your records through the ArchivaLock system, you are actually looking at a version of your redundant records. You have access to your records on a daily basis as a result.

No other system can match the level of geographic dispersion and quantity of data redundancy packaged with the records visibility that ArchivaLock offers.