Make Sense of All Your Data

Receive monthly e-mails updating you on your documents' statistics. Rate images and quickly pull reports based on the ratings. Get a quick view of all your data with an easy-to-read dashboard.


Executive Dashboard

ArchivaLock has an executive dashboard that presents valuable information about your records at a glance. Never before have you been able to understand so much about your records at the touch of a button.

Records Count

The records count widget succinctly presents the current count of each record type, which allows you to gauge how many of your existing records are already imported into ArchivaLock versus how many are awaiting import.


Records Inventory Available 4th quarter 2012

The records inventory widget provides a quick view into your entire register identifying problem areas where the expected numbering scheme, naming scheme, etc., does not match your organization’s configured expectations. This information will be presented in a timeline format with red, yellow and green as indicators of records validity.

In order to clear up warning or problem areas, your organization will be able to edit the meta — data for the records. You have the ability to change your expectations for the document and add a note as to why the change happened or, you can add an exception with a note explaining that exception. Once your time line is completely green, your organization can claim to have a comprehensive knowledge of the massive amount of records you are tasked with shepherding.

No other system offers the quantity of summary level tools that can aid you in decisions about where to allocate your limited resources to most effectively protect and manage your permanent records.

In addition, no other system offers the same tools to make sense of your records and confirm/prove facts you are today forced to assume about the quality and composition of your voluminous records.