Best of Breed Tools To Protect Your Records' Integrity

ArchivaLock applies state of the art processes to automatically ensure the integrity of your records from record fingerprinting to audit trails.  You can rest assured ArchivaLock is continuously inspecting your records and will immediately alert you if an issue is found. 

Records Fingerprinting

Upon import into ArchivaLock, your records are fingerprinted. The fingerprint is used to ensure the record never unintentionally changes. The record fingerprint is so sensitive to change that the modification of a single pixel in the digital file will result in a completely different fingerprint, alerting you that your document has changed.

E-Certification Available 4th quarter 2012

ArchivaLock can email your records with a link to verify the validity of the certified document utilizing the records fingerprint recorded in the system. Once the requester receives the email with the record, they can then follow the link and upload the record back to ArchivaLock’s servers to be compared against the record in the system. If the record is the same, the requester will see a page that announces the validity of the record. Otherwise, the requestor will see a page warning that the record has been compromised.

If the requesetor forwards the same email to another interested party and the link remains in the email, the receiver can utilize the same process to verify the record without directly contacting your organization.


Around the Clock Records Monitoring (Record Sentry)

ArchivaLock employs a unique process that continuously inspects your records and will notify you immediately if an issue arises, so it can be fixed in a timely manner while you still have the option to re-­‐ image the analog record. If the record ArchivaLock is examining passes inspection, the process stamps the record allowing for visual feedback as to the state of your documents.

Audit Trail

No meta-data can be edited in ArchivaLock without the system recording the specific details of the change, including who performed the modification. You can also revert the record to any prior version with a simple click.

Records Rating

ArchivaLock allows document quality to be rated with a score of one to five. Once ratings are applied, a report can be generated identifying low quality records. This report will alert you to which physical records should be reimaged before loss or damage to the document occurs.