Tailored for Your Organization

ArchivaLock can be custom branded with your seal or logo and is accessible from any web browser, smart phone or tablet.  In addition, ArchivaLock can integrate with your own website and offers you many tools and services. Your imagination is the limit as to what ArchivaLock can do for you. 

Works Anywhere

There is no need to buy or lease special equipment from ArchivaLock, LLC. Any computer and operating system with a class — A web browser can access ArchivaLock. In addition, iOS — based smart phones and tablets can access ArchivaLock through a custom written administrative application available through Apple’s App Store at no additional charge.

iPad/iPhone Administrative Apps

ArchivaLock provides an iOS & based administrative application that allows your organization to have quick and constant access to your organization’s records.

No other vendor is offering a system with applications to access it available on the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.

E-Courier Available 4th quarter 2012

Sometimes your records are too large to deliver over an email system to your constituents. E-Courier allows your organization to deliver an email with a download link that expires at a specified time. Once the requestor receives the email, they can simply click the link and the record downloads directly to their machine, effectively bypassing common email system’s size limitations.

Additionally, ArchivaLock will record a received receipt when the requestor downloads the records providing proof of delivery for your organization.